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"Amazing. Easy programme to learn."

Extranet software for channel marketers
The channel communications tool for marketers with too much to do.
Extranet software for channel marketers

If your job is to distribute your new product information to dealers, sales teams, wholesalers, retailers or franchisees, you need XNET-PRO.

The extranet platform trusted by top channel marketers around the world.

Unbeatable features

  • Store documents (brochures, images, spreadsheets, presentations, artwork, videos, links etc).
  • Organise information so it is easy to find and download.
  • Simple navigation and powerful search.
  • Public or private access extranets.
  • Communicate in different languages.
  • Replicate across all your brands.
  • Analytics show top items, users and groups.

Too many users?

Self service for user registration, forgotten passwords and communication preference changes.

User groups to control file access.

Single sign-on.

Too many files?

Quick, secure file uploads for immediate sharing with your channel.

All your favorite file types allowed.

1GB max file size, unlimited files and scalable storage.

Too many updates?

Automated content emails to registered users.

Sends every 7, 14 or 28 days.

Increase engagement with regular hands-free email updates.